Conflict Management

Conflict Management What, Why & How?

Addressing and resolving conflicts effectively can have a significant positive impact on the overall work environment and the organization as a whole.

We use adult learning techniques to maximise learning and competence to apply.

The course provides accelerated coverage Conflict Management. The focus of the workshop is as follows.
  1. Introduction (Giving an overview of the training, Capturing participant expectations )
  2. What is Conflict?
  3. Causes of Conflict
  4. Conflict Styles
  5. Communication Skills for Conflict Management
  6. Strategies for Conflict Resolution
  7. Managing Difficult Conversations
  8. Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships
  9. Handling Conflict in Teams
  10. Wrap-up and Action Planning ( Recap, Reflection, Resource for future development)

Delivery Method : Classroom
Code : APT_05
Duration : 2 Days

Audience Profile​
A conflict management workshop can benefit a wide range of individuals across various personal and professional backgrounds. Conflict is a natural part of human interaction, and learning how to handle it constructively is essential for personal growth and effective collaboration.

Learning methods

  • Concepts, Discussions
  • Techniques
  • Videos, Case Studies
  • Quiz, Roleplay
Note: Some of the above techniques will be used based on the size and temp of the group
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