Art of Giving Feedback

ART of Giving Feedback Why & How?

Feedback is essential for development in both personal and professional life.Whether you’re dealing with a problem employee or praising the excellent work of a colleague, you need to communicate in a way that promotes positive change in others. The Art of  Giving  Feedback quickly walks you through the basics of delivering feedback that gets results.

We use adult learning techniques to maximize learning and competence to apply.

The course provides practical tools to give effective Feedback. The focus of the workshop is as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. What Feedback Is & What Feedback Is Not
  3. The Feedback Process
  4. Active Listening in Feedback Conversations
  5. Navigating Difficult Feedback Situations
  6. Why Feedback Fails
  7. Tools for Giving Effective Feedback
  8. Personal Action Planning and Reflection ( Recap, Reflection, Resource for future development)

The workshop outline above is a general structure that can be customised based on specific needs and time constraints. Additionally, the duration of each section can be adjusted accordingly to fit within the 4-hour timeframe.

Delivery Method : Classroom/Virtual
Code : AFC_01
Duration : 2 Days
Audience Profile​
Professionals who need to give feedback to peers or subordinates at workplace

Learning methods

  • Concepts, Discussions
  • Techniques
  • Videos, Case Studies
  • Quiz, Roleplay
Note: Some of the above techniques will be used based on the size and temp of the group
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