Our Workshops

Experience a positive and transformative change in your life with our thoughtfully designed, personalised and expertly delivered workshop. Each of our workshops is carefully curated and tailored, keeping in mind our customers’ specific needs and goals. Our workshops offer a hands-on and collaborative learning experience that will drive results. Trainers are industry practitioners with 35+ years of combined experience and 15+ years of global corporate exposure. All our workshops provide ongoing support and coaching to help participants implement what they’ve learned and stay on track.
Presentation Skills

The Presentation and Public Skills workshop will give participants tools for practical presentation skills & impactful Public Speaking, making presenting and connecting in public less terrifying and more impactful. A presentation is an essential business tool. Whether your communication aims to convince, sell or motivate, your presentation will differentiate you from the person next door. When done well, your presentation will make you noticeable.

Conflict Management

Our Conflict Management workshop is distinctive in its approach to managing and resolving conflicts to ensure workplace harmony. Our course is designed to help participants understand the root causes of conflict and develop practical strategies for resolving conflicts effectively. Conflicts can be the key to unlocking successful and collaborative relationships in the workplace, and our course emphasises the importance of empathy, active listening, and open communication in conflict resolution.

Personal Effectiveness

The workshop on Personal Effectiveness is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of personal effectiveness and practical strategies to improve efficiency and achieve personal and professional goals. The workshop's content is tailored to meet our participants' individual needs, ensuring an engaging and practical personalised learning experience. The workshop focuses on emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and change management, among other vital topics for success in any field. With our innovative and thoughtfully designed approach to learning, our Personal Effectiveness workshop offers a transformative experience that will benefit both individuals and organisations alike.

Time Management

Time is the most valuable non-renewable resource. Productivity is tuned to time. Our Time Management workshop is a game-changer. We provide a unique and highly effective approach to time management that combines innovative tools and strategies with personalised coaching and support. Our course is designed to help participants increase efficiency, streamline their workflows, and achieve more in less time. We provide a comprehensive and efficient time management approach, including prioritisation, delegation, and goal-setting strategies. The workshop also emphasises the importance of self-care and work-life balance, helping participants avoid burnout and achieve sustainable success.

Art of Giving Feedback

Feedback is essential to personal and professional growth, but it's often an uncomfortable and awkward process. But very often, Feedback is not taken positively because it needs to be given appropriately or perceived as criticism. The workshop on Feedback focuses on strategies for receiving feedback with an open mind and a growth mindset.

Leading With Empathy

There’s a real connection between a manager’s ability to be empathetic and how their teams perceive them. Empathy is a skill that can be developed. The workshop helps you become a more empathetic manager and strengthen relationships with your employees. We use adult learning techniques to maximize learning and competence to apply.

Leaders as a Coach

To cope with the new reality of continual and disruptive change, corporates are moving away from the command-and-control style of leadership to one that is more collaborative and involves the manager providing more coaching and feedback.

Email Etiquettes

At the workplace, 100’s emails get sent internally and externally. Many times a single email results in forming impressions in the form of sealing the deal or burning the bridges. Email Etiquettes are simple steps to clearly and constructively communicating your message to the reader.

Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Workshop aims to empower participants with the skills and mindset needed to communicate effectively, express their needs and opinions confidently, and stand up for themselves while respecting the rights and boundaries of others.

Advance Business Communication Skills

Communication in the organisation is vital because it enhances employee morale, ensures better team collaboration, efficiency and satisfaction. Effective workplace communication helps drive better outcomes for individuals, teams, and organizations.

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