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Shital was assigned as a coach & she coached me for six sessions, 45-60 minutes each session. During each and every session, Shital showed exceptional coaching skills. She is very professional and knows her profession well. She was always prepared and organised. She is very passionate and result oriented; the time spent with her is a time well spent. Shital has exceptional skills using metaphors, rephrasing and asking powerful questions, and knows where to draw the line between coaching and therapy. I do not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone looking for a result-oriented coach.
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Shital is a very passionate and empathetic Coach. My time with her yielded insights that surprised me. she helped me overcome a limiting belief by guiding me back into childhood to discover it’s root. She then encouraged me to let it go by helping me to see that my current reality is different from that perception before she finally challenged me to take actions that now align with my new reality. It was a pleasure working with her.
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“I want to take a moment expressing my gratitude for the guidance and support Shital has provided me during my life coaching sessions. Coaching with her has been a valuable and enlightening experience. I appreciate her dedication in helping me achieve my goals. I want to highlight a few aspects of my coaching sessions that I found particularly helpful:
  • Effective Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Empathy and Support
  • Practical Strategies
Thank you Shital once again for your dedication and support. I am excited about the progress I have made so far and am eager to continue this journey with your guidance.”
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Bibhuti Mishra
I have had the wonderful experience in working with Shital Andharia as my leadership coach for over a year. Her work to help me identify and lean into my strengths has been transformational in my growth journey. Shital has breadth of experience that helps her clients identify their goals, work through roadblocks, discover learnings, and craft a plan to excel. I have had the fortunate experience with her coaching to identify my gifts and find ways I can share them with others. If you value a highly invested and accountable coaching relationship, I highly recommend Shital.
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I had the privilege of working with Shital for two coaching sessions, during which we explored a range of important themes, including how to navigate the challenging path of returning to work after experiencing burnout and balance between achieving greatness in one’s professional pursuits while prioritizing mental and physical well-being. Shital’s approach was holistic and practical, offering practical tips and strategies that I continue to implement in my daily life. Shital’s guidance extended beyond providing answers but instead, she skillfully led me to self-reflection, encouraging me to explore my strengths and capabilities and let go of my limiting beliefs. By the end of our sessions, I had a much clearer and more assured sense of self, which has translated into enhanced confidence and effectiveness in my career as well as my personal life. Shital’s coaching style is not only insightful and impactful but also empathetic and encouraging. Shital’s guidance and expertise have had a profound impact on my professional journey, even in our fairly limited interaction. I am immensely grateful for the positive influence she has had on my professional development, and I enthusiastically endorse her as a coach and mentor.
I had the chance to be coached by Shital and had wonderful sessions. She demonstrated a great balance of structure and flexibility, following a clear process and offering me a lot of space to express myself. Shital inspires confidence / trust, I was safe and comfortable to open up and experienced both business and personal coaching benefits. She is listening carefully and generously, I was really feeling she was here for me. Her entrepreneurial acumen helps small businesses to look at perspectives which otherwise would be missed. Above all she has got an extraordinary ability to unveil self limitation, asking powerful and challenging questions, and from there to generate amazing shifts in self awareness and clarity to unlock possibilities. I highly recommend Shital as a very impactful, effective and supportive coach for business or personal matters
Guillaume Ollivier
Shital provided the space for me to process the underlying thoughts that were keeping me in a position from moving forward. Her reflection captured my emotions and through her inquiry she skillfully brought to light the awareness to see alternate options. She is empathetic and supportive from the moment the session starts and ends. I would highly recommend her!
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I have been working with Shittal to elevate my public speaking and hone in on my brand message. It has been such a pleasure working with her. Shittal is an intuitive business coach with a very strategic outlook and approach. Her energy and passion for her clients is unmatched.
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I write very few recommendations, and yet I am thrilled to endorse Shital for her accommodating and effective coaching services. I screened several business coaches before making the investment and found a match with Shital. Her delivery as an excellent life and business coach provided me with the supportive space to reframe my current challenges. In a short time, her expertise, rapport, professionalism and skill as a coach, helped me get unstuck and resulted in me making life choices that honour my values and subsequently I’m a happier person who lives a more authentic life. Her coaching has had a positive impact on my life and business, I have learned how clarity and perspective can alter the course of life.

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I have been fortunate to know Shital as a peer coach. Shital has helped me gain insights to my thoughts and steered me towards actions and goals I could commit to. Our sessions have always made me feel calm and relaxed. Thank you again for holding this safe space for me to explore and make shifts
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Shivani Gulati
Shital has been a wonderful support and is very resourceful. Her continuous guidance has helped me immensely. Her timely support has helped me to reduce ambiguity of my thoughts and move ahead with clarity. I strongly recommend Shital to anyone who wants to achieve goals and transform life.
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Chandrashekhar Kulkarni
Shital is a wonderful coach and person, sincere and professional. She is extremely good at asking the right questions that leads you to have insight before you even realise it. I would definitely recommend Shital. I had a great session.
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