Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness What, Why & How?

Assertiveness Workshop aims to empower participants with the skills and mindset needed to communicate effectively, express their needs and opinions confidently, and stand up for themselves while respecting the rights and boundaries of others.

We use adult learning techniques to maximize learning and competence to apply.

The course provides accelerated coverage Assertiveness Skills. The focus of the workshop is as follows.
  1. Introduction (Giving an overview of the training, Capturing participant expectations )
  2. Understanding Communication Styles (Passive Aggressive Assertive)
  3. Barriers to Assertiveness ( Internal, External, Overcoming Barriers)
  4. Assertive Body Language ( Non verbal Cues, Confident Body Language, Exercises and role-plays.)
  5. Communication Skills for Assertiveness
  6. Assertiveness in Practice
  7. Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence
  8. Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution
  9. Creating an Assertive Action Plan
  10. Conclusion and Action Plan ( Recap, Reflection, Resource for future development)

Delivery Method : Classroom
Code : AT_05
Duration : 2 Days

Audience Profile​
Assertiveness training can benefit various individuals and groups in the workplace like leaders, managers, customer facing staff, Sales staff, as it equips them with effective communication and interpersonal skills

Learning methods

  • Concepts, Discussions
  • Techniques
  • Videos, Case Studies
  • Quiz, Roleplay
Note: Some of the above techniques will be used based on the size and temp of the group
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