Leading With Empathy

Leading with Empathy Why & How ?
There’s a real connection between a manager’s ability to be empathetic and how their teams perceive them. Empathy is a skill that can be developed. The workshop helps you become a more empathetic manager and strengthen relationships with your employees. We use adult learning techniques to maximize learning and competence to apply.
The course provides practical tools to give finesse in public speaking and Presentations. The focus of the workshop is as follows:
  1. Introduction
  2. What is Empathetic Leadership
  4. Empathy in Practice
  5. Personal Action Planning and Reflection ( Recap, Reflection, Resource for future development)
The workshop outline above is a general structure that can be customised based on specific needs and time constraints. Additionally, the duration of each section can be adjusted accordingly to fit within the 4-hour timeframe.

Delivery Method : Classroom/Virtual
Code : LEC_01
Duration : 2 Days

Audience Profile​
In a dynamically connected, diverse world, we are more disconnected than ever. Practising Empathy, Managers who lead teams, will be able to find the root cause of problems which will help business but build better relationships.

Learning methods

  • Concepts, Discussions
  • Techniques
  • Videos, Case Studies
  • Quiz, Roleplay
Note: Some of the above techniques will be used based on the size and temp of the group
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