Accelerate your speed, do more; life is a race, sounds familiar.
But most who have experienced life would agree that “Life is a Marathon, not a sprint.”

When was the last time you focused on slowing down and noticing things around you? (Attention)
How often have you done a task completely and still don’t recollect what you have done? (Awareness)
How easy is it for you to accept your failures? (Acceptance)
When challenged by someone or something, do you get too judgmental & conscious about performance? (Non-judgmental)

If you are paying focused attention with a purpose in mind and live in the present moment in a non-judgmental manner, YOU are practicing Mindfulness

Simple isn’t. Mindfulness remodels how we connect to events and experiences. With mindfulness, you will react less, respond more & will be at ease and joyful without any reason.

Let’s an example
A cube is given to a 3-year-old, 23-year-old, and a 43-year-old 
The 3-year-old will be amazed looking at the different shapes, and colors and seeing how the object transforms when the layers are moved, to touch and feel the shape He or she may try to shake to see if it creates a sound, drop it to see what happens and maybe even lick it to see if there’s a taste.
The 23-year-old with more knowledge and information will put all its energy to solve it and may be thinking of how he could do it faster than others at the same time may be going through thoughts like Omg I have never played with a cube? what will people think? I am no good? I should have done this when I was young. My parents never bought me a cube.
A 43-year-old would probably not even attempt solving the cube on the pretext that this is not my forte…
Who enjoyed exploring the cube with curiosity and without the anxiety of performance?

The reason why the curious, happy 3-year-old transforms into an anxious stressful and judgmental 23-year-old is an overemphasis on performance without intent and attention to exploration.

This small example extrapolated and repeated many times results in a habitual pattern that results in people always over-reacting & being in a negative mindset
How do we break this Cycle? Answer is Mindfulness

How can one Practice Mindfulness?
  1. Sit in a comfortable posture observing nature, listening to the sound of air & birds, feeling the breeze & observing the breathing with no specific agenda
  2. Lit a candle in a dark room & lit a candle focus on the flame
  3. Pay attention to your senses
  4. Practice Gratitude Write a Gratitude list
  5. Notice your inner dialogue
  6. When in a conversation, listen closely instead of mentally preparing to reply
  7. Be open-minded and do not jump to conclusions
  8. Focus on what is being said, then who is saying it
  9. Start with 1-minute mindfulness and move on to 5 or 10 minutes as practice increases. Notice when your mind wanders; just return your attention back.
The benefits of Mindfulness are Countless but to mention a few
  1. It improves your mood.
  2. Your self-esteem
  3. Reduces anxiety
  4. Less Stress
  5. Increase compassion
  6. Increase in Focus
  7. Detox, DE addict
  8. Better Sleep
  9. Better Health
  10. Manage Emotions better
Remember, Energy Flows where Attention goes.
So, stop being obsessed about the future and replaying broken pictures of the bygones. Stay here, at this moment Take that Mindful Pause Now!!! Have a Mindful week ahead

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