Navigate the Fear Fog!

In Covid times many of us had glimpses of the most tragic & petrifying moments of our life. The Covid 19 virus, like laws of nature, spared no one and showed no bias. No amount of resources in the form of people, power, riches could rescue oneself or ones near and dear ones from the tyranny of the virus.

The experience was no less than driving in a fog. Low visibility and the only option are to slow down, keep moving, and even pause. Fear, too, is like a fog. One needs to pause, review the situation, evaluate the options and take tiny steps towards your destination. Then, as you inch closer to your goal, you become more and more certain, and the fog reduces.

Let us explore the situation before the pandemic.

  • Did we have aspirations? Yes.
  • Did we have fears? Of course.

Aspiration is “Getting Promoted.” However, this aspiration is clouded by fears like, “What if my boss doesn’t value my effort? What if my Counterpart, whose pally with my Boss, gets a promotion basis the rapport they have? What if I don’t get challenging projects to prove my caliber?”

Our actions directed towards aspiration get paralyzed by our fears. Thus, fear deaccelerates the journey towards aspiration realization.

Fear is an individual’s emotional response to a perceived threat. It helps alert us of potential harm. If we can translate this powerful emotion into tangible action, it can liberate us from the perceived harm.

Let’s look at some examples…

  • Fear public speaking? Nominate yourself in a safe /known network and speak on a subject you are good at.
  • Amazed by Runners but fear if you’ll ever be able to do it? Then, join a running group and incrementally add distance.
  • Fear publishing on social media? Create your first short article, get it reviewed by friendly peers, and publish it. Then, follow it up with more.

Doing what you fear most gives you confidence.

What is conquering or navigating fear?

Incremental and iterative action towards what you fear will modify your perception of the threat. The dilution in potential harm will clear the fog and increase visibility towards your aspiration.

Don’t shy away from your fear. Instead, accept your fears gracefully and navigate them one by one with action.

If unsure, keep a trusted coach by your side to jumpstart your journey.

As you take tiny steps to face your fears, you will often see they are not appalling anymore.

You are stronger than your fears, Navigate your fears and Start Living!

I have taken my first incremental step towards navigating the fear of publishing 🙂

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